How to Care for Teeth after a Filling

A dental filling can restore the form and function of a damaged tooth. After this procedure, take care to prevent damage to the filling and protect the tooth:

1. Wait for the filling to set.
Depending on the type of filling you’ve had, your dentist will let you know the time it may take to “set:”

How to Care for Teeth after a Filling

  • Gold, amalgam, and composite fillings may take about 24-48 hours.
  • Ceramic fillings set quickly with the help of a dental curing light.
  • A glass ionomer (or “bracket adhesive”) sets after three hours, but fully hardens after 48.

2. Take prescribed medications.
If your dentist prescribes medication to take after the procedure, follow their instructions. Swelling, sensitivity, or pain can be reduced by following prescription directions.

3. Eat and drink after the anesthetic wears off.
Your mouth may feel numb for a few hours. If your dentist advises against drinking or eating for a period after the procedure, do what they say to prevent injury. The numbness could make it difficult to determine the temperature of a dish or drink, or you might bite your cheek or tongue.

4. Chew on the side of the mouth without the filling.
When the appropriate time has passed and you can eat again, chew on the opposite side of where the filling was placed. This will help protect the filling.

5. Check if the filling is comfortable.
Occasionally, a filling may feel slightly awkward or it may seem difficult to bite or chew. If this is the case, contact your dentist right away so they can gently file it down to remedy the situation.

How to Care for Teeth after a Filling

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